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The SEO Landscape is Changing. Are You Prepared?

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To say SEO has “changed a lot” would be a massive understatement. Throughout the year we see multiple updates from Google – including the Chrome security warnings rolled out to non-HTTPS sites in July and the core “Medic Update” in August. This leaves marketers with the challenge of educating themselves about each update, adapting their SEO strategy accordingly, and solving for any reduction in organic traffic.

Sounds like a lot of work? Well, truthfully, maintaining an effective SEO strategy does require a close eye and a commitment to quality. Because SEO has changed so much over the years, many marketers aren’t sure what’s out, what’s important, what will have an impact and what’s wasted effort. For this reason, we wanted to share a guide to point out common myths and assumptions about how SEO works and debunk them for you, so you’re not wasting time and resources on things that won’t help you attract leads, convert prospects and close more deals.

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