A New Offering – A New Brand

Over the past few months, we have been talking about the gap we see in organizations deploying HubSpot for sales and marketing. It’s a wonderful platform providing much needed visibility into the performance and effectiveness of your sales and marketing functions. What it doesn’t do is run by itself. Like any platform, you have to provide it the necessary fuel to run. It’s this need to fuel it that has lead us to launch a new offering and brand called, MyHubPartner.

MyHubPartner is designed to help organizations get the most out of the platform on a daily basis. Backed by a team of HubSpot specialists, we will apply best practices in running your day-to-day email, event, engagement, and other programs. We will conduct continuous A/B testing to optimize your engagement marketing efforts. Monthly analytics reviews will give you insight into overall performance.

This service is designed to augment or fully outsource the running of your HubSpot platform — at a fraction of the price of in-house resources. We have priced MyHubPartner competitively and find that companies are able to save 40% to 60% of the cost of a fully loaded internal resource. So, you get everyday best practices and you can redeploy marketing dollars into the content and outreach that drives customer and prospect engagement as well as pipeline growth.

Beyond the Core

MyHubPartner provides much more than campaign execution. Our team can provide everything you need to drive the results you require.

Add-on options in the program include:

  • Campaign Strategy: We will help you design a program that drives engagement and results. We will tune it to your buyer personas and the stage in the client lifecycle you are targeting. From metrics and objectives to messaging and content selection, we will deliver a campaign strategy that moves the needle.
  • Content Development: Content is the fuel that HubSpot needs. We can help you develop everything from email and landing page copy to offers such as animated videos, interactive content, ebooks, and infographics.
  • Database Governance: Good data governance doesn’t come easy. In this optional add-on, we will ensure ongoing clean, enriched, deduplicated data throughout your HubSpot portal.

Why MyHubPartner?

Why have we launched this service? Quite simply the demand is there. We have been doing HubSpot implementations, migrations from other platforms, and optimizations for a while now. In the past year, many of our clients have asked us for help in running it post-deployment.

A lack of supply of skilled HubSpot resources is part of the challenge. Great HubSpot resources are hard to find, expensive, and hard to keep. More organizations have decided to choose an always-on resource that they can rely on.

For others, it’s the opportunity to leverage best practices that we bring from working across our client base.

MyHubPartner gives CEOs and their executive sales and marketing leaders the opportunity to breathe easier, stand taller, and sleep better.

New, but not really

While the branding and packaging of MyHubPartner is new, we have been offering this service for some time. Organizations such as Freightview, Command.App, K12 Perform, and ClaimSolution are among our current clients.

“MyHubPartner has been an invaluable resource helping us drive engagement with our prospects and clients. Not only did they elevate our use of HubSpot—providing us with outstanding campaign execution, consistent A/B testing and insight into campaign performance they also identified and implemented improvements in our use of the platform.” Megan Orth, Director of Freightview.

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About MyHubPartner

MyHubPartner is a sales development and consulting company based in the Kansas City area. Serving clients across the United States, MyHubPartner provides measurable results backed with science and focused on strategy, technology and people. MyHubPartner is a Caliper Certified Consultant as well as a HubSpot Agency Partner. Check us out at: